Vanishing Act

by The Tomblands

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"Vanishing Act" is the debut EP of The Tomblands, consisting of a collection of soliloquies stemming from a central character who is preoccupied by their reintegration with the Earth, torn between worthless weight and a worthy wait.

Recorded to 2" tape at Treehouse Records Chicago.
Engineered, mixed and mastered by Barrett Guzaldo.
Artwork by Adam Sourhada.

Nick Georgelos: Vocals / Guitar
Danny Stankus: Guitar
Liam Burns: Bass
Marc Ceruti: Drums


released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


The Tomblands Chicago, Illinois

Chicago Rock 'n Roll Syndicalism.

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Track Name: Harbors
I see a ship coming into harbor
its got a long damn way to go
and the tides are high
& the rocks aren't far below
you can hear the sirens call
singing sweet love
singing sweet love

singing sweet love again
lend me your sweet love

the machine will carry on, oh no
the machine will carry on
and we'll be crushed
don't let it bring you down my love
it wouldn't work any other way
I can't question the power
that destroys as it creates
& the Earth spins on without a sound
so don't forget to rest
Dear Dust

singing sweet nothing, again
singing sunyata
tell me what was in your head

home again
Track Name: Natalist Blues
don't know where I've been
but I miss my friends
I hope my dog's alive
chasing cars into the night
we're still sitting here on high
watching the days spin into nights
wondering how the time keeps dripping by
wondering if we'll get out of here alive

but don't worry about it baby
it'll all be alright
it'll work itself out in the end
while we sit here and try
don't worry about it brother
it'll all be okay
it'll work itself out in the end
but it's still your choice to make

don't know how long it's been
but I need to rest
I hope my girl's in town
need a good laugh and a roll around
we'll stay until the sun
let the wine shine through our eyes
and we'll twist and fall
and laugh and ball
we'll be lucky if we die

it'll all be alright
don't let your natalist blues get you down
when you're feelin' fine
don't worry about it lover, don't worry about a thing
let it go mother, 'cause it don't mean
much of anything
Track Name: Libertine Tattoos
I found a note from '89
my father gave my mother
saying I'll love you forever
in everlasting memory
don't talk too fast, make these moments last
'cause now I truly hope
to repeat the past

heart's the place that you call home
and your head's full of desires and liars
telling you to comb your hair
may your heart find another
which you can call lover
but also a friend
who will roam with you

listen now, and listen good
I'll say what you don't hear, but what you should
'cause they don't teach it
I'll make the stars align into my own design
we can reach them
to prove it to you, I'll cover my body in libertine tattoos
and always take the long way home
and contemplate the skies between life
and between death
lose your breath
you're safe and sound

if you can breathe it in
you can breathe it out
if you can push it in
you can pull it out
if you can take it in
you can take it out
you can take it out
Track Name: Yellow Roses
feelin' alright
feelin' okay
sun in my eyes
brand new day
feelin' alright
feelin' okay
got my baby by my side
for another day

I hope that shit don't change
but we all change

feelin' alright
feelin' so down
almost cut my hair back there
hit my head
got it re-screwed on
strugglin' to see
what part of this is the real me
it's so contrived and it's got to rhyme
don't forget your 4/4 time

split another cigarette (if you don't mind)
if it's all the same and if we still got time
we kick it real cool in the prisons of our own design
if it feels this real, I think I'll do a little more time

they don't mind
they think it's funny
they don't mind
having it all

they don't mind
(in fact they laugh about it)
they don't mind having it all
while half the world's shoved in the shit
and they crawl

feelin' alright
feelin' the same
comin' back again